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    Cardboard is part of our lives. We deal with numerous products in our daily life which are packed in cardboard boxes. Any product manufacturer who wants safe and secure packaging for his products needs sturdy cardboard stock to create robust packaging. Later these boxes are thrown away which come in contact with live beings such as fishes in the sea and other animals on land. Thus we strongly recommend you to use eco-friendly cardboard stock for manufacturing boxes for your products. Especially kids’ products like video games and other toys need attractive packaging to fascinate them. Cardboard stock is universal for all types of boxes as it is flexible enough to be crafted into any size and shape. It provides numerous style options for the packaging of different products, such as you can have gable boxes, window boxes and white boxes.

    What is cardboard?

    Cardboard is a term that is used for high quality paper based material. It is safe and thicker than normal paper and offers durable packaging boxes. This material is also used for ultra-hygienic packing because it has no taste or smell and can be used to encase food products such as chocolates or cakes. It is made from bleached wood pulp and is used for the moisture-resistant packing of food and other materials. It is considered best for high-quality printing because it provides a smooth surface for printing beautiful colors. Most of the time is coated with one or more synthetic coating on one side and sometimes it contains the reverse side as well, which is called C2S. Cardboard can be cut, hot fold or embossed to give perfect packaging. It is thick and strong from paper and needs a long series of processing to get the final product. There are different grades of cardboard and these are used for different purposes. Cardboards used for different types of packaging include bleached paper board, coated unbleached craft paperboard, and recycled paperboard. Cardboards give lightweight boxes, high strength to weight ratio, and are a cheap way to prepare high-quality boxes for valuable products.

    Secure Shipment of Goods:

    It is true that every brand owner wants its products to be transported to different destinations in their intact form. Products have their value because of their shape, texture and taste in the case of food products. Just imagine if someone buys your brand products and later finds masticated or sogged with moisture in the case of food products. It truly means you have lost that customer forever, such disappointed customers will never try that brand again. Weprintboxes gives you an opportunity to create special cardboard packaging that helps you to build brand loyalty and maximize sales. We produce for all sizes and weights of the products.

    High Quality Services in Retail Prices:

    Get advantage of free designing services and free delivery anywhere in the United States. You can have the best quality cardboard boxes in custom shapes, sizes and designs in bulk quantity. Get an instant quote by filling an online form, through live chat or call us at 800-558-8047. You will be surprised by the cheap packaging deals provided by our dedicated agents. They will provide you with all the details and prices for the different types of boxes without any hidden charges.