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Do I have a freedom to customize the box in my own way?

Yes, you have absolute freedom to customize the box in your own way. You are allowed to choose the shape, style and size of your box according to the packaging needs of your products like cosmetic and medical products. For making your boxes more attractive, you can choose gloss lamination or gold/silver foiling, matte and spot UV. These things add to the look, lamination and texture of your boxes.

What can be the material choices if I wish to customize boxes by my own?

You can make your boxes by your own if you have all the necessary means. You should not make any compromise to choose material for your boxes. Choose the best material that should protect your products, gifts and should not spread the pollution in an environment. Boxes should be rigid enough to secure your soft products from harms and whole selection is upon you.

Can you tell me the way to book custom boxes online through your website?

You have to explain about the shape, sizes and styles of boxes you want online. prepares and designs your boxes in no time after your order. Inform us about the dimensions of your boxes and also choose the suitable material for your products. You also need to recommend the laminating agents and in the end you need to inspect the 3D images shown to you. You are required to tell the quantity of your boxes, make payment and you get your boxes at your doorstep.

What should I do if I don’t have a design template?

You do not need to worry if you don’t have design templates because we have different design templates of the preferences of our customers. Check these templates and choose the best one for yourself. If you do not find the fit for your products then consult with our experts because they will guide you thoroughly and will make you choose the best one template for your products.

What type of style and shape can I get for my custom boxes?

Our expert agents have experience of many years and they can customize boxes into different shapes and sizes according to your needs and to fix your products properly in those boxes. These boxes also provide unique look to your products.

Can you create the custom boxes with a sophisticated design for my business start-up?

We always remained 100% successful in fulfilling the challenges of our customers and our experts have the abilities to custom boxes of different shapes, styles and sizes. Just tell us about your imagination and our experts will convert your imagination into real work with the use of hi-tech machinery. Increase your sales in the start-up with the help of these awe-inspiring boxes.

How can I get in touch with you?

If you want to get in touch with us then you are required to fill the instant quote form by entering your specifics about the boxes you want. We will be back to serve you. We offer 24/7 customer service via email, call and chat. We are present all the time to fulfill all of your requirements.

Can I get the suitable suggestions for the designs of my custom boxes?

Our expert designers have the experience to suggest you the boxes with best designs that best suit your products. They have the ability to customize boxes according to your recommendations. You do not need to worry about the quality and designs of your boxes when you are in contact with our agents. We provide you the opportunity to show your products in style that attract the customers.

Are the news about your cheapest prices for the custom boxes true or false?

Yes, you heard true news. We manufacture the boxes in low prices as compared to other competitors in the market. Our boxes are highly competitive and we do not cost high for these boxes. We have a great number of customers in the market because of our quality and cheap prices.

Can you provide me the boxes in short time to fulfill my special needs of an upcoming event?

Yes, we have the ability to provide you boxes in no time because customer satisfaction is our first priority. You need to choose rush production when you are going to place your order and our agents will work with full dedication and efficiency. You do not need to worry about the time when you order our agents because we always do our work and deliver the boxes before deadline. We help you maintain your repute among your customers.

Can you show the design of my boxes before production?

Yes, we show you the 3D image of your designed boxes in your inbox of laptop or mobile phone. We need your satisfaction and as your satisfaction is confirmed, we continue production process.

Can I get the physical sample of box before mass production? is honest in its dealings and can also provide you the physical sample of boxes before mass production for your satisfaction. We require you to check the quality, material strength, print quality, overall texture and dimensions with minimum extra shipping fee. When we receive full satisfaction from you, we start mass production with our full dedications.

When and where you will deliver my order for custom boxes?

WEPRINTBOXES is in relation with best courier companies in UK and we deliver your order at your doorstep. You need to provide exact shipping address and our standard shipping time is 8-10 business days. When you demand for small time delivery, we deliver your boxes in 3-4 business days. Normal delivery saves your cost but small time delivery maintains the trust of customers upon you.

What is your estimated turnaround delivery time?

We prefer fastest delivery of our manufactured boxes. Coordinated working of our production, quality assurance and shipping departments assure the delivery in mentioned time. 8-10 days is the normal delivery time for plain boxes and for custom printed box orders, the order is usually delivered in 10-14 days.

Do you have any order limit for custom made boxes?

No, we do not have any limit for custom made boxes. We prepare unlimited boxes according to the requirements of our customers. We deliver minimum 100 boxes and maximum depending upon your needs. Facilitate yourself with uncountable boxes and get them in front of your door for your branding to maximize return on investment. We prepare all of your boxes with our full expertise and dedications.

How do you assure quality of boxes during production?

Production of best quality boxes is our top priority only for the satisfaction of our trusted customers. We do not leave any defects, errors or mistakes to provide the best packaging. ICC calibrated printing equipment and the ISO 14005 certified production facility assures the boxes are manufactured to international standards.

How can you satisfy us with best quality of boxes?

We have established total quality management system with ISO 9001 standards to make confirm that finest quality boxes are delivered to you. Certified quality examiners inspect manufactured boxes and make sure that all the boxes meet your requirements. Size, shape, style, required thickness, perfect printing is assured and colors are matched to ICC standards. All these inspections allow us to send you the best quality boxes.  

In what form do you ship the boxes?

We always ship the boxes flat to let our customers save inventory cost. Easy and straightforward congregation of boxes is our first and top priority. We add die cuts and creases for easy folding of boxes. Flat boxes are easy to deliver and we make folding easy for our customers.

How do you cost the custom product boxes? What fees are included?

We charge only the production cost of custom product box and prices are always real that are discussed with you in early quote. We are honest and do not charge hidden costs, die cutting or plating charges and we also not charge shipping cost. We do not charge additional taxes for packaging. We promote fair dealing with our customers and therefore, we are liked by our customers.

How do you ensure the privacy and protection of personal data of customers?

Privacy of our trusted customers is our first priority. We have taken steps to ensure the security of personal information, order particulars and financial data is safe with us. We have strongly encrypted data storage servers that ensures your data is only among the team that works with you. No one other than the staff can access your personal data.

What payment methods do you support and how can I pay you?

We only look for the easiness and satisfaction of our customers and for this purpose, we accept payments from all the methods that include debit and credit cards and also internationally accepted third party payment system from all major traders. We work with globally recognized payment solution providers for your easy payment.  We also secure your payments using encrypted sessions to finish the worry of third party’s interference. It also secures financial data.