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    Corrugated material serves as an ideal packaging material for a wide range of products. Boxes made of corrugated material are perfect for the safe shipping of fragile items. Other than the protection of items from damage corrugated boxes can be customized in different shapes and sizes. Business owners can use this customization policy to create exclusive boxes that will promote their products. Weprintboxes maintains a huge database of designs and layouts. You can choose from the already manufactured designs, get free designing services or propose your own designs for the custom corrugated boxes manufactured for your products.

    Reason to Choose Corrugated Boxes:

    If you are struggling to get protection, style and grace in your packaging through a single solution, you can get all of these benefits in corrugated boxes. Brand owners always prefer these boxes for delicate items that are transported to unusual locations. Corrugated layers act as a cushion while collision of the products during the relocation of the products. Other than protection from damage, corrugated layers of these boxes build thermal insulation which keeps products safe from temperature changes in the environment. Corrugated material is light in weight and thus corrugated cartons are easy to handle while loading, unloading and packaging. Weprintboxes make use of high quality eco-friendly recyclable material which gives hygienic packaging for eatables. Another important benefit of these boxes is, once end consumers have used the product encased in these boxes, they can fold them and store them instead of throwing away. Later these can be reused for the packing of households.

    What are Corrugated Boxes?

    It is a fiberboard consisting of one or two flat linerboards or one fluted corrugated sheet. It is prepared in special machines which are called flute lamination machines or “corrugators”. Corrugated cardboard boxes and shipping containers are manufactured using this material. It is available in different thicknesses and these differences are called flutes of Corrugated Cardboard. There is space between the flutes which gives insulation to protect the products from sudden variations in the temperature of the environment. The double-layer also serves as cushion to protect the product from damage. Weprintboxes uses different grades of corrugated material for the manufacturing of custom boxes depending upon the strength, size and weight of the object. This material is one of the most prominent selections of the customers while customizing boxes for different materials.

    Corrugated Boxes are usually used for the manufacturing of the shipping boxes. Weprintboxes produces corrugated boxes in different styles, sizes and layouts. You can also get company logos, slogans and other details printed on the walls of these boxes. We serve different businesses at every level. Place an order for short run quantity or bulk order you will be charged according to wholesale rates. We also offer special discounts on occasional boxes, such as you can get discounted deals for the Valentine’s Day gift boxes or for Christmas boxes. Contact us anytime at 800-558-8047 to get affordable corrugated packaging. If you are looking for affordable boxes in bulk quantity and minimum time duration, fill an online form and get your boxes delivered at your doorstep anywhere in the USA.